Brooklyn is South of Manhattan just across the East River

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Brooklyn is South of Manhattan just across the East River. It has 2.7 million people who occupy this famous piece of land that covers 70 square miles. Aside from hosting the original Brooklyn Dodgers


(who moved to L.A.), Brooklyn is also known for the Battle of Long Island which was the largest battle of the Revolutionary War against England and King George in 1776. These days, however, Brooklyn is known for trendy Williamsburg, entertainment-rich Coney Island, and fashionable Brighton Beach.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklynites grew weary of hearing the sounds of all that laughter and music wafting across the river in Manhattan so they decided to build a bridge in 1883 so they could have some fun, too. That’s why this iconic cable-stayed suspension edifice is called Brooklyn Bridge rather than Manhattan Bridge.

You will have a wonderful time walking across its 1,600-foot span. Although you’ll share the expanse with six lanes of cars, two tracks for elevated trains, and hundreds of pedestrians, the views are incomparable so bring a camera. Start your walk at City Hall in Manhattan but check the Bridge’s website to make sure all pedestrian routes are operating that day.

Enjoy Prospect Park.

This is a scenic green oasis that delights tourists. You will be amazed that such a park could exist in this densely populated part of New York. With 585 acres, the park boasts rolling meadows, small forests, a tranquil lake, and even a splendid little zoo. During the summer, Prospect offers concerts and dancing events too, so don’t miss this jewel.

Explore the Brooklyn Historical Society.

This National Historic Landmark was founded in 1863 and is dedicated to preserving Brooklyn’s impressive 400-year history. Offerings here include not only cherished history books and paintings, but also the Society has an impressive collection of sculptures depicting Michelangelo, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Ben Franklin, Christopher Columbus, and Hans Gutenberg.

Eat great pizza at Paulie Gee’s.

This famous Brooklyn eatery is the renowned and exquisite Neapolitan thin-crusted pizza. Paulie’s has amazing creativity and multitudes of ingredients and toppings. From Mozzarella to Soppressata salami, or ham, ‘Nduja, Capocollo, pineapple, or chili-spiked honey drizzle, you’ll be blown away by the never-ending choices. This is a must-eat pizza joint.

Bar hop in Williamsburg.

This is the trendy and fashionable part of Brooklyn where all the yuppies congregate. Williamsburg is a great place to listen to live jazz and indie music, buy some art and enjoy a robust nightlife that rivals anything in Manhattan. The place is so hip and cool there’s no need for the Brooklyn Bridge after 5 pm on Fridays.

The streets are thick with inventive restaurants, rooftop bars, chic clothing shops, a gorgeous waterfront, flea markets, and food bazaars. Make a weekend of your visit.

Dine at Peter Luger Steak House.

This venerable steak eatery has been a Brooklyn mainstay since 1887. The atmosphere is classic old New York with wood floors and expert waiters who fine-tune your order. Luger’s steaks are dry-aged wonders of beefy goodness that will satisfy even the most discriminating meat eater. Hearty red wines and excellent salads make for a memorable repast. This is where Wall Street carnivores eat on weekends.

Unbiased Top 3 Asian Escort Agencies review in New York city (2018 updated)
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