Unbiased Top 3 Asian Escort Agencies review in New York city (2018 updated)

A Japanese escort girl qualities and escort agencies proliferation
Brooklyn is South of Manhattan just across the East River

Here are the top 3 list of the Asian Escort agencies review in New York city 2017, given by clients’ unbiased reviews over the past 10 months

The #3 Asian Escort agencies review @NYC 2017

top asian escort agency #3

HotHotAsians Top Asian Escort Agencies review

  • Review date: Nov 8, 2017

Finding a quality New York Asian escort in a city this big can be a little intimidating. When you’re calling up an agency, you don’t know what kind of girl you’re going to get, if you can believe the pictures or if she’s going to be as good as they promise. However, when you call New York Asian Escorts, you know that you’re going to get the best quality girls in the city!


All of their girls are beautiful and wonderful and great company! They’ve got some of the finest Japanese escorts, Korean escorts, every kind of beautiful and exotic Asian escort you can imagine! Now, I’m a picky guy who’s seen his fair share of New York Asian escorts, and I can say that a lot of companies make a lot of promises they can’t hold up.


They’ll say their girls are beautiful, when they’re not, or that they’re good company when they’re just a bore, but the girls at New York Asian Escorts are something else. They are everything they promise and more, because whether you’re interested in a casual night of relaxation and just want the company of a beautiful Asian girl, or a night out on the town, or a business function, they’re great for a wide number of occasions.  


These girls are great and personable and oh so hot it’s hard to believe sometimes. They are classy and refined and, in all honesty, you could not ask for a better escort experience. You know how they say “but wait, there’s more!” in a commercial when things are about to get better? Well, they do get even better with this agency.


In addition to having some of the hottest Japanese escorts and Korean escorts, their customer support staff is great. They are courteous and prompt, helping you find a girl who fulfills your needs and ensuring a prompt delivery at a low price. I’d rate them five stars would definitely check them out again!


The #2 NYC Asian Escort agencies review

asian escort top #2 agency - asian escort agencies review

VIP Asian Escort Agencies review and agency’s Official website

  • Review date: Nov 13, 2017

Whenever I’m in New York City, I like to spend an evening with a quality New York Asian Escort, because whenever I’m in town on a business trip, I know they’re the best way to relax, and if you want the highest quality New York Asian escorts, look no further than VIP Asian Escort New York.


Whatever kind of Asian fantasies you have, if you’re looking for Korean escorts or Japanese escorts, they’re the best in the game and they will always treat you like a king. You just call them up and talk to one of the great operators they’ve got on call, and they’ll hook you up. You want a specific girl in mind from the gallery? Ask for her and she’ll be at your door in no time. Not all that sure of what you want? They can help you with that too.


Talk to one of their great operators and they’ll ask what you’re looking for in an evening with a beautiful New York Asian escort, helping you find the girl who will fulfill your fantasies as you want.

Do you want a gorgeous girl at your arm to make friends and strangers jealous at your next formal function?

Or do you want a wild party girl who’ll take you out on the town?

Or a quiet, friendly girl to spend a quiet and intimate evening with?

VIP Asian Escort New York has girls that can fit all of those needs and many more, and the best part is, all of them are completely gorgeous. Every girl is a 10 in the looks department, and even better when it comes to their sensual bedroom skills. You can take my word for it, but I’d say the best way to know is check out the site and call them up today.


I didn’t regret calling them, and I don’t think you will either.


The #1 Asian Escort agencies review in NYC

asian escort agencies review - top asian escort new york official banner

Top Asian Escorts Agency New York Official Site

  • Review date: Nov 12, 2017

If you’re looking for the highest quality New York Asian escort service that’ll fulfill your needs and do so in a prompt, affordable manner, then look no further than New York Top Level Asian Escorts. I’d always dreamed of what it would be like to be with a beautiful Asian girl, but never had the opportunity before I discovered New York Top Level Asian Escorts.


Though I was hesitant at first, I discovered their services to be very low pressure and made the process of hiring the Japanese escort or Korean escort of my dreams a pleasurable and exciting experience. When my girl then came to my door, I was stunned by just how beautiful she was.


I mean, I was expecting her to be pretty, but I didn’t know that this agency has model quality girls who are as smart and charming as they are drop dead gorgeous! I could’ve talked for hours with the beautiful Korean escort I’d called, as she was highly intelligent and didn’t make me carry a whole conversation, which is something I’d always feared I might have to do. But, I didn’t just hire her for conversation, and I will say she did not disappoint as an Asian escort, at all.


The girls at this company are highly trained and experienced at giving sensual pleasure, and were more than happy at helping me live out a lot of my deepest fantasies, and discovering some new ones. They are fun and freaky in all the right ways, and have I mentioned that they’re beautiful?


Well, it bears mentioning more than once, because, damn these girls are hot. I can’t believe I waited so long to discover the joys of New York Asian escorts, and every time I’ve been back with this company, I have never been disappointed. You guys are great, I look forward to calling you up again!


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A Japanese escort girl qualities and escort agencies proliferation
Brooklyn is South of Manhattan just across the East River
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